Feb. 11th, 2017

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Hey guys. I need some help find three specific sabriel stories. They would have been located on AO3 or fanfiction.net. If they have been deleted and you have a copy, please send them.

1) Gabe is brought back invisible and undetectable. He communicates with Sam via post-it notes.

2) The sabriel bonding fic. Sam and Gabriel bond, but on the night that they bond Lucifer enters Sam's dreams. Gabriel feeling possessive of his new mate enters Sam's dreams as well in order to protect him. Gabriel ends up killing Lucifer. However, when he wakes up he is scared that the rest of team free will is going to react badly.

3) Gabriel gets in over his head when the council of angels force him to find a chosen bearer. Gabriel says there is only one that he would choose. The council gives him x amount of time to convince Sam to be his chosen. However, one of the other angels (Zachariah, Uriel) interfere by getting to Sam first. So Sam rejects every proposal. Until his deadline has come. The council's deadline comes and Sam has yet to say yes, but shows up in heaven just as the council tries to elect a different leader. Sam is dresses in the ceremonial robes and says yes to being Gabriel's chosen.

4)Also, really any copies of deleted stories or links to stories that are complete and not on AO3 or fanfiction.net. I have a sabriel obsession and people do not post it enough. I prefer longer stories that are sabriel-centric.

Please leave a comment. Thank you.
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Hi. Does anyone remember an old series about Michael from Seaon 1 Episode 18 Something Wicked meeting up with Dean when he's older and they hunt together and eventually end up together?
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I'm looking for a specific fic: Sam went to school after a hunt. I think he was sick, or maybe he had just gotten hurt, but he passed out while running a mile, and Dean was called. I'm a bit spotty on the details, but I think he had bruises, and his friends were a bit suspicious about it.

I'm also looking for some general fics:
1. Sam hides an injury
2. School/outsiders believes that Sam is being abused.
3. Dean and John leave for a hunt, and Sam gets hurt, or he was already sick, and his condition worsens
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I've love some amnesia fic recs for J2 and/or Wincest. I don't care who has the amnesia. The longer the fic, the better. No Destiel please.
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It seems like I've run out of fics to read D: What are y'alls favorite fics?? Whether it be j2,(i love yes)wincest or just gen -- i'd be so happy to have something to read. No destiel or cockles though please; nothing against it, I just can't read it.

Bonus points for long fics
extra bonus points for stories with pdfs.

Thanks a bunches!! x


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