Feb. 4th, 2017

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AO3 has a project to save works from sites like Samdeanarchive and Sinful-Desire in their entirety. It is called open doors. http://opendoors.transformativeworks.org/faq/
You can nominate any fan site for preservation. You don't need the owner/operators permission but I would for courtesy's sake. They should contact AO3 to save their sites so we can enjoy them forever. Share this site with all your fandoms please and forgive me for using this community but I didn't know where else to post it.
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My Google-fu has left me.......
I read this maybe a year ago, but can't remember title or author. And I can't find it through Google or any of my "normal" lists and communities.

Dean stays with John in a motel, and leaves for some reason. He gets trapped by a beautifull woman, but he can see that there is something wrong. She looks like two different peolpe at once..... Dean gets trapped in a room that looks beautifull, but he can feel the cave hidden in the glamour. He gets out after several days, he hasn't eaten anything that he has been offered but has found some rotten stagnant water in the back of the "real" cave. When he gets out he is blind to everything real but can see fae glamour, and (next to) no time has passed. John helps him with the curse afterwards.

The "Fair people", fairies, the Lords and Ladies, are called Fae in this story.

I believe it was on Livejounal. I think it was written in two or three parts, each of several chapters. It is long!

Found! Thank you.


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