Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Looking for Destiel fics set around s4-5 but it doesn't have to be about what happened during those seasons. I'm looking for that feeling where Cas was an awkward angel, we had cases with Bobby (I love that guy!), motels... and things were just better and easier.
I don't know how to describe it really, so I'll make points:

- preferably not ao3 ones (cuz they're give that s8-11 feeling, feels too new)- gimme ones from lj or other communities/sites
(- preferably written around s4-5-6 airing)
- slowburn please (UST is good), gimme long ones, preferably with Cas and Dean not knowing they like each other romantically and slowly building it up (well, Cas would know pretty quickly so that's good too), I prefer pre-slash -> slash rather than established relationship
- no big au (no abo, no 5x04 timeline, no affliction other than what the boys already have, no genderbender), just Sam and [Dean & Cas] + impala + hunting monsters, maybe dealing with angels (liked that storyline but I also like it if it's about Cas being an angel and the consequences of that)? and Bobby if he's alive - just the normal shtick
- pretend couple is good but only for a short time (like before the motel manager or something), not through 95% of the fic
- pov Dean or Cas
- no Sam hate (just no) but also no threesome with Dean and Cas
- it can be case fic or not, as long as it's interesting

Please tell me if I can help in any other way!
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I'm looking for a fic around season 5.
What i can remember is that Sam and Dean are locked in a room or a cell and there's a person (the one that locked them in) and is watching them. There's two guns in the room and this person told them that only one of them can get out alive and one have to die, Which means that one of them have to kill the other. I think Sam already knows he's Lucifer vessel.

Sam then asked Dean something like:"Do you want me to kneel?", thinking that he would kill him. But Dean won't do it.
The time past and Sam made a plan, he asked the person about the rules, Dean is looking at him like his crazy. Sam place the gun to his head.
Then Sam said something like: "I'm getting you out, come back for my body,I'm leaving you with the mess." When Sam is about to shoot himself, Dean pushed him to the floor and a gun is heard but is not Sam's, his guns doesn't have bullets, the sound of the gun is coming from outside and then Bobby and i think Ellen saves them.

Then the boys come back to their motel and talk about it.

Thanks :)

Found: The Choice by authoressnebula
Thanks to ithuriel788 for finding it.
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Hi guys, I've been having a bit of a problem lately. I cannot load any page from the samdean archive. I've already tried to use different phones, computer - yet nothing works. Is any of you having the same problem? Is there a way to solve it? (or is it - hopefully - just temporary?)
I know there has been similar entry two or so weeks ago but they apparently managed to solve it but it haven't worked for me.
I don't want to spread panic or anything, I just want to know whether the problem is on my side or something else :( I may be going a little bit crazy...


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