Jan. 24th, 2017

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Hey guys,

I looking for two specific fanic:
1: human setting AU, Cas was homeless and travels on bus all the time (for safety??), fell asleep beside Dean and used his shoulder for pillow while he slept (Dean didn't wake him up). Dean invite him to home for a dinner (he lived with Sammy), then asked him to stay for a while. I remember Cas painted out Dean's room with a gigant picture on the wall, but it was half finished. Dean gave him clothes and money and they got together, happy. One day Cas packed and leaved without a word, leaved a letter said he needed to go home to make his family together and make his mistakes right (he was the reason his rich family fell apart and became pretty poor). Dean was a mess, there wasn't any adress or phone number he can contact with Cas, but Cas sent letters for Dean time to time: sent the money he got from Dean and told how much damage he made already right. Dean was a mechanic at Bobby'. Later Cas came back, have money and asked Dean for a date, but Dean slapped the door at his face before throw his old clothes at him, along with all of the letters Dean wrote reply for Cas' letters (but he couldn't sent it bc Cas didn't leave any address). Dean was pretty heartbroken. Later Sam allowed in Cas (while Dean was away) to finish his paint on the wall, but Dean came home early.

2: I think it wasn't au, and somehow Cas got raped. The brothers supported him and it was a damn long recovery, bc he was afraid a bit and jumpy, so his mind was fucked up pretty much. He was fucked up emotionally, and that couldn't be healed fast. Dean know him very much and was really protective. I remember Cas avoid contact, like touch and hugs at all, but later he asked Dean if he would like to hug him, and Dean of course he was happy to Cas started open up for a bit, so he hugged him. And laters Cas started to eat a lot of chocolate but only one kind, that had a name "Kisses", and Dean needed a time to realise Cas eating that sweet because he want kisses, but real kisses, not the chocolate. It was a long fic, but my phone broke down when I read so I lost it.

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  Hey everyone,

To the mods: I tried posting this awhile ago but my post was deleted for not having tags. Originally I think that I didn't put tags because I didn't see any relating to the topic of self-inserts or oc's (probably because they're not very popular, lol) so I just put the au genre tag this time. If there are any other tags you feel should be added just let me know.

Alright, so I'm bascially look for exactly what the title implies. It's universally agreed that 95% of self-insert fics are wish-fulfillment garbage, but I've read a couple before that were actually pretty good. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations of their favorite self-insert stories. I don't especially care about length, pairings, genre, etc. It just has to involve self-insert in some way. Thanks!
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So...I've read every story in Ridley and Tidia's Brotherhood 'verse multiple times. I love them so much, mostly because of Caleb. I love the dynamic between him and Dean, the way he looks out for Dean in the same way that Dean looks out for Sam. I'm looking for more stories like that, they can be stories written by other authors in the Brotherhood 'verse or stories with another OC who takes on the role of big brother or protector for Dean. Hurt/Comfort is my biggest kink. Anything well written and the longer the better. Thanks so much!!!
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I'm looking for an older story where Dean is high (post-curse or hospital maybe) and while Sam is driving, Dean is looking down at the road and sees squares fighting circles and checks and squiggles, I think. It also might have occurred in a motel room. It was hilarious and I need a good laugh these days. Thanks for a moment of your brain time.

Edited: That's it! Thank you so much.


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