Jan. 19th, 2017

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HI All,

I am craving any BAMF JENSEN FICS!! These are for some strange reason hard to find?!! I v'e tried Tags in search engines on Live journal and all types of SPN RPF communities.

Just want to read some cool, suave, confident, smart, intelligent, hero, warrior, assassin, hit-man, mob boss -in charge Jensen :)

Mix in with adorable sweet innocent Jared maybe clueless Jared about his boyfriend or at first best friend on the show before they become boyfriend- hurt Jared and Jensen to the rescue a plus

where either in SPN RPF Jensen is protective and caring towards Jared his boy or needs to rescue him or he has a secret (retired spy/ intelligence operative turned actor)

Just any of your favorite BAMF Jensen fics? Oh it can be establish relationship or slow builds between Jensen and Jared
just as long as Jensen TOPS and Jared bottoms ;)

Thank you so much_ i hope I get a lot of these? Keeping fingers crossed.
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I'm looking for a specific J2 story where Jensen's friends *think* that Jared is abusing Jensen. They don't believe that Jensen is simply clumsy until they see him fall off a chair with a glass bowl.

EDIT: found in comments
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I'm looking for any fics where one of the J's seems cold or mean to everyone, but actually is a softie or is really much more once you get to know him. The other J might be fooled by his cold exterior or understand him from the beginning, either way. Would prefer J2, but Jensen/Misha is great too!


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