Jan. 13th, 2017

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I'm looking to read Wincest fics where there's a plot twist or surprise ending, where the reader doesn't know what's really happening until later, such as 1) one of the brothers gaslights/manipulates the other, 2) secretly a demon/monster and the other doesn't know, 3) someone else has changed reality for one or both of the brothers, 4) one is hallucinating/mentally ill.
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I'm looking for a fic where Sam tells John Dean died during the faith ep (bc he hadn't shown yet).
John shows up and sees Dean is still alive. I dont remember what happens after that.
Hope somebody knows what I'm talking about.
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Hey y'all,
I was reading a j2 fic that mentioned "If It Wasn't For You Meddling Kids" by Apocalypsos.
So I went to re-read that, but the account has been deleted. I checked the purged/deleted list but they're not listed. A google search brings up Parts 2 &
3, but I can't get a hold of Part 1.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys!

EDIT: Apocalypsos' dreamwidth account is still working, and fic is still accessible.
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Hello!!! So my favorite kind of fics to read are the really really long ones with really slow builds and angst and schmoop and everything. So if anyone has any favorite long fics (by long I mean like over 50k please) that they'd recommend to me... any story or side ships is fine as long as the main ship is j2/wincest. Self-recs are welcome!!
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Guys, I’ve been re-reading the amazing “Killer Romance 'Verse (aka The Adventures of crimeboss!Jared and ex-assassin!Jensen)” Verse by Saone, and the “Bad Ass Boys 'Verse” by splashpink, and am looking the see if there are any more stories in the same vein.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be crime lord Jared/ex assassin, though those would be amazing, rather any story where Jensen is underestimated, or is perceived as vapid or just a pretty face, but in reality is razor sharp, ruthless or dangerous.

Many thanks.
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Hey everyone! I've been looking for this fic for awhile and I only remember a few details. Dean and Cas live in apartments across from each other, and these happen to be right above the shops they own (or maybe just Dean owns one I can't exactly remember). Cas has recently moved to the area. They eventually get together but Cas is keeping a secret about his past and it ends up being revealed when on the national news a story about this religious cult and a standoff with police comes out when they try to raid the compound. Cas is devastated because his mother and younger siblings are actually being held there because his mom was in a relationship with the leader, while Cas ended up being able to escape awhile ago. I think a few people in the compound end up being shot during the standoff. And Cas kinda breaks down because he's scared for his family while Dean takes care of him. I think at one point Cas talks about the abuse he, his siblings and his mother endured there.

Please help!!


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