Jan. 1st, 2017

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hi all!
I'm looking for fics wherein Sam lets Dean have the motel room to himself to have fun, but maybe the woman (or women) ask if the cute brother (sam) to come join in.
Maybe Dean is hesitant because it'd be weird as fuck, or is indifferent and they coax him into coming in.

Whether its its own story, or a coda to the episode where Dean is with the twins.

It can lead to Sam/Dean or not. Doesn't matter.

I would imagine if these fics are around, its Dean shacking up with women, but Dean shacking up with men is fine too (if any).

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1 ) Because there is coming Fifity Shade of Darker movie, I was wondering is there J2 version this movie? Or Sam/Dean. I didin´t like the the first movie but J2 version it could work ;D I like long fic but you can one shot, too! Only TopSam, please ;p

2) Anything dark Sam/Dean fic. ? Give me your favorites!
3) Also PrgenantDean are ok, too! Only TopSam again.

4) some history fanfiction with J2 or Sam/Dean

Thank you!
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Happy New Year!

I know in the past I have looked for stories where Sam realizes all that Dean has sacrificed throughout their lives but now I am looking for stories where Sam knows how much Dean sacrifices for him and all that Dean does for everyone else that he does something significant for Dean to show him that he appreciates him. Can be something as simple as Sam giving Dean a thoughtful gift or as big as planning a birthday party with their Hunter"family".

I'm also looking for stories where Sam defends Dean or even brags about him. Stories where Sam points out how smart Dean is to either their dad or other hunters. Where he points out the EMF meter that Dean made or how Dean figures out patterns on cases quicker and better than other hunters. Even stories where he brags about Dean to his Stanford friends and tells them that it was Dean who raised him.

Gen and wincest are fine. Please no WIPs. Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.


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